Bass Cover #86: LACRIMOSA - Dich Zu Töten Fiel Mir Schwer

The German/Swiss band Lacrimosa has introduced me to the goth culture back in 1999... Oh boy, what a time it was... I mean before that I was into 80's rock and mainstream metal but Lacrimosa has open the gates for me to so much unbelievable music I've never even could imagine! From that time on my horizons were broadening and I was discovering more and more amazing styles, like neoclassical metal, EBM, synth pop, etc, etc, etc.

Getting back to Lacrimosa – playing bass covers for their songs is an amazing experience. It's basically like playing bass with an orchestra! “Dich zu töten fiel mir schwer” is from the band's most known album “Elodia” and if you haven't listened to it yet you know what you have to do right now!

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