Bass Cover #89: R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

This cover has a little history behind it. Actually, I wanted to record a song by a popular epic metal band and then I hurt my back. Like, really bad. So bad I couldn't stand normally, let alone stand with a heavy bass on my neck. No worries, I'm a bit better now but still I was forced to play something much more quiet, something I'd have no problem to play while sitting on a hocker.

Also, the song fits perfectly to my condition because you know, everybody hurts and everybody cries sometimes ;) I know Michael Stipe sang about a completely different kind of pain but let's not be too anal about it. Soul or back, pain is still pain... Oh yeah, and the song itself is brilliant of course. Beautiful and nothing difficult, so you can actually learn it very quickly if you like. Use the tabs!

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