Bass Cover #97: THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Der Tanz der Schatten

Theatre Of Tragedy was one of the first goth bands I've discovered back in the end of the '90s. And it was a truly amazing one, also one of the first bands with two completely different vocals: soft soprano by one and only Liv Kristine + brutal growling by Raymond István Rohonyi. I really liked what they did, even when they abandoned metal for more synth sound, it didn't matter, I still liked their songs a lot.

“Der Tanz der Schatten” (“Dance Of The Shadows”) was the first TOT song I've heard. I guess it was a metal compilation made by a friend or something. Even though the bass part is a child's play here I still wanted to perform it because it's such a beautiful song and I have lots of good memories of those times when TOT and similar bands were my daily soundtrack.

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