Bass Cover #101: NERVOSA - Guided By Evil

“Perpetual Chaos” is the new album by the all-female thrash metal band Nervosa and frankly, it's my favorite metal album of 2021 so far. I mean the band used to play thrash before but now it's rather thrash meets melodic death metal... something like that. I liked this album so much that I decided to play something from it and luckily, the bassist Mia Wallace uploaded a play-through video for the first single of the album called “Guided By Evil”. Thanks, Mia, less work for me :)

Still, I spent an evening working on the tab. The tuning is a bit tricky but I guess it was C, F, A# and doesn't matter since the G-string isn't used in this song. The part seems to be easy, though it takes a bit of practice to play it clean enough, especially the ending. Have fun!

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