Bass Cover #103: BONNIE TYLER - Holding Out For A Hero

Just an amazing song from the '80s without a bass line. Some would ask if it really needed one and I would answer “Sure it did! Are you crazy?! All '80s songs need some live bass desperately!” :)) Jokes aside... sure it did! :) I mean I love to do those mainly electronic songs with a programmed bass, add some live work, and see how harder and cooler they actually can sound live.

Unfortunately, I found a few versions of the bass part for “Dream Warriors” and all of them were different. And since it's not really possible to hear the bass in the mix that clearly I just played what I heard, plus took something I liked from all the tabs I found. Of course, it's not 100% original part but you can play it like this or make it a bit easier. It would be an obvious thing to do since some little parts here and there can be quite tricky. Have fun and play it your way!

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