Bass Cover #104: GRAUSAME TÖCHTER - Liebe Will Beweise

Ok, I guess sometimes I have the right to play something really special that I'm sure not so many people are aware of. Even though I know this cover won't have thousands of views, I really don't care. If I love a band I don't give a shit if it's known worldwide or not, I just can't help myself, I have to cover it! And maybe recruit someone else to their fan army, who knows :)

Well, Grausame Töchter is a German band headed by damn talented Aranea Peel, and it has quite a following in the European goth and fetish communities. Even though I'm not much into fetish I know the true artists when I see (and hear) them. These people are amazing, both in-studio and live. Their music is mostly electronic tunes with some small additions of guitar, bass and even live drums sometimes. There was a time when I literally couldn't listen to anything but their album “Vagina Dentata”, it was just there in my playlist on constant repeat and that put me in a funny situation ones when I was making a cup of tea in my office kitchen while singing to myself “Ich liebe meine Vagina, ich liebe... meine Vagina, ich liebe meine Vagina, ooh!” (“I love my vagina, I love... my vagina, I love my vagina, ooh!”) Yep, aha, I was singing in a low voice but I still got a few pretty weird looks from a couple of my colleagues. Ouch :)))

Also, my friend Kat De Ville played bass for GT during their last tour and that was so freaking amazing! I mean, how cool is that to say “I really love this band” and hear “Yeah, I'll play bass for them soon”!

Anyway, this time I just decided to cover one of GT dark classics “Liebe will Beweise” (“Love needs proofs”). The bass line is simple yet catchy like almost everything GT does. I hope you'll like it

By the way, Kat does her own music, mostly ambient with lots of keyboards and in this video, I'm wearing a t-shirt with the cover of her latest album “4+”. Please find the links below and check them out. Support musicians!

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