Bass Cover #111: MERCYFUL FATE - Return Of The Vampire

Mercyful Fate is probably of the most underrated metal bands ever. They've practically invented progressive and black metal and all they got for that is a couple of “yeah, “Come To The Sabbath” was a nice song”. I just can't wrap my head around it, srsly. Well, however, in my book Mercyful Fate was a legendary band, way ahead of its time with all their classic albums. The reunited 90's Mercyful Fate was great too, though I've always preferred the originals. And Timi Hansen, my sweet baby Satan, what a bass player!! Out-freaking-standing! He could be in one line with Steve Harris if he had a bit more luck.

Since I wanted to cover something rare I chose the original demo for “Return Of The Vampire” released on the official compilation with the same name in 1992. Sure, I could play its later version from “Into The Shadows” album (recorded with Lars Ulrich on the drums) but excuse me I love the obscure stuff better :) It just has its very special vibe though King Diamond was clearly still searching for his voice and the ending of the demo version is a freaking mess and I'm glad they changed it.

I made the tab myself by ear and I'm sorry if there's a mistake or something. I hope it's correct though :)

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