Bass Cover #114: TIAMAT - Whatever That Hurts

The album “Wildhoney” (1994) by Tiamat was one of those albums of the early 90s that really changed everything for me. It won't be an exaggeration if I tell you it was a little sonic revolution for me back then because I've never heard anything like that. I used to think all doom metal was something like Candlemess but Tiamat was something completely different. It had no epicness, only pure cosmic-size progressive almost liquid decay and depression caught on tape.

Want a funny story? When a friend gave it to me back in 1994 I couldn't stand more than 2-3 songs because I got kind of scared. Maybe I was too overwhelmed by the whole Tiamat vibe but I just couldn't listen to it. So I gave that cassette back to my friend and... I just couldn't stop thinking about it. So I went and bough my own cassette with “Wildhoney” and... I couldn't listen to it again because it was too much for me. I loved it but this music was simply too much for me to handleб my feelings were too dark and too intense! And I guess it was at least a couple of years after that when I finally managed to listen to this album from start to finish. And it looks like I still can't stop.

I had a really hard time trying to choose a song here because “Wildhoney” is so perfect. Finally, I just chose one with a decent bass :) “Whatever That Hurts” was one of the singles I guess and the fans know it well. As for the bass line I just didn't manage to find the correct one, I'm sorry. All tabs I saw were clearly wrong and a couple of covers I watched on YouTube weren't accurate too. At the same time it was impossible to figure out the original part because it was too low in the mix, so I ended up making my own part. I mean all notes I could hear on the album are original but if I wasn't sure I just played what sounded good for me. I believe it's not really important since I watched 5-6 live videos of Tiamat playing “Whatever That Hurts” and the bass part was slightly different every time :)

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