Bass Cover #119: EUROPE - More Than Meets The Eye

I guess “More Than Meets the Eye” was the last single of Europe's “Out Of This World” album in 1988. The song is just a perfect example of what you could hear on the album – very catchy commercial-sounding rock, a major label follow-up of the “The Final Countdown” success produced by one and only Ron Nevison.

The bass part is easy but it surely has its WTF moment because I genuinely can't tell if they used live or electronic bass for this song. If you pay attention you might notice the bass part has been recorded staccato all the way (except for the „galop“ sections). Nobody on YouTube plays it this way, so I decided to try it just for the fun of it :)

Also, this cover is the debut of my new EPS B-1 bass. I'm still figuring out its sound.

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