Bass Cover #120: MICHAEL JACKSON - Dirty Diana

I made this cover not because the bass part of this song is something special. I made it simply because of the effect it had on me back when I was eleven years old. I was amazed not even with the song itself but with the video! All this huge crowd of screaming fans, gigantic stage, smoke bombs, Jackson with all his screams and moves, and above all that freaking black latex devil Steve Stevens!! I had no idea who he was, I didn't know he was famous because of his life-long multi-platinum collaboration with Billy Idol, I knew nothing but wow did he look COOL?!! In that “Dirty Diana” video Steve was everything any starving rocker of the 80s wanted to be. Ok, and the song was kinda cool too.

The bass was originally electronic and this part was played differently on different tours, so I played what I think would be logical for this song. Sure, I added a couple of fast licks but I guess it would be wrong for this song to play more of them. I tried and it just sounded not right, so now the part is simple yet correct.

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