Bass Cover #122: L'AME IMMORTELLE - 5 Jahre

L'ame Immortelle was one of those goth bands you couldn't possibly miss in 2002-2006 in Europe. They were very big in the gothic community and I really loved what they were doing back then. I even went to Moscow to see them live at a local dark festival in 2003 (my first goth gig, yeah!). After that, I've seen them many times in Germany and every time it was worth it even though I've kind of lost touch with their music at some point... Still, if you'd like to explore some classic, very emotional gothic rock music with both electronic and live instruments and two amazing singers (Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer) – go to Spotify and try such albums as “Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt” (2001), “Als die Liebe starb” (2003) or “Gezeiten” (2004). They still sound very cool, especially song-wise.

“5 Jahre” (“5 Years”) is a single from the album “Gezeiten” and it was HUGE! I mean it was everywhere, in every dark magazine, every goth video compilation, you name it. And I liked it a lot too. I don't believe they've used a live bass player for this song, so I had to come up with something based on the original electronic bass part, pretty close but not exactly it. In case you're about to play “5 Jahre” live you can use my part or change it as you like.


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