Bass Cover #127: THE KOVENANT - Chariots Of Thunder

“Nexus Polaris” by the band known as Covenant and a bit later as The Kovenant has been a true revelation back in 1998. I mean that was one of those albums that changed the whole game. Not simply a brilliant album but a revolution, for me too. Ever heard of this album? Then go and listen to it on Spotify right freaking now!

Surprisingly, there are just a few covers for those songs on YouTube. The bass tabs are rare too, and all of them are kind of rough and approximate or even really wrong. My tab for “Chariots Of Thunder” is rough too, made by ear which wasn't easy at all since you can hardly hear any bass there in the mix. Still, I did my best and even if some parts of my tab are wrong you can use it as a starting point for your own tab. I doubt anyone really knows what has been played in the studio and what their bassist/singer Nagash played live was a very simple part, really just the root notes.

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