Bass Cover #128: CHRISTOPH WALTZ - Ich Bin Das Neue Jahr

Here's the deal – long ago in the galaxy named Austria which is not really far far away there was a TV show for children “Am Dam Des”. In 1977 a talented guy whose name was Christoph Waltz played a small role there representing some kind of a New Year Kid, a human incarnation of the new 1977 year. During his performance, Christoph had some dialogues with the show hostess (“I am the new year... and I'm here to stay!”) and also sang a catchy song “Ich bin das neue Jahr” (“I am the new year”).

Fast-forward to 2014. Christoph Waltz is a madly popular actor enjoying global fame and two well-deserved Oscars for “Inglourious Basterds” and “Django Unchained”. It was a perfect time for “Ich bin das neue Jahr” to be finally discovered and go viral, don't you think? :) None other than Jimmy Kimmel has found it, invited Christoph Waltz to his talk show, and made him react to this ancient video of him from 1977. That was quite hilarious until I realized this silly thing became a new ear warm for me. So, I recorded this half-improvisation to this tune, just for fun :) I hope you'll like it.

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