Bass Cover #132: KOZAK SYSTEM - Podaj Zbroju

I've decided to break the silence with this song by the Ukrainian folk rock band Kozak System. The song is called “Подай зброю” (“Give Me The Weapon”, pronounced as “Podaj Zbroju”). The song is about the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade “Edelweiss”, one of the best military units of Ukraine, the real-life heroes who fought in the war in Donbas against Russian and separatist troops.

Right now, a lot of such brigades are fighting and giving their lives for the freedom and the very existence of Ukraine. This also means the freedom and existence of the world as we know it since Russia doesn't want to stop and Ukraine just has to be that mighty shield to protect the whole Europe from yet another nazi regime. Unfortunately, it's not “another war far away” nobody really cares about, it's a war that can easily change or end your own life if Ukraine won't succeed.

If you wanna help, please donate to the “Come Back Alive” fund:

As one of my friends said, “What would you like to remember when you're 80? That you bought yourself another pair of shoes or that you actually helped to save the planet?”

Thank you for your attention and help! I hope you like the song.

Just in case you wonder what it is about:

We used to have mountains, we used to have wings
We could fly but the war has covered us...
You see, with the sky in their hearts
“Edelweiss” comes down from the mountains
Houses are burning like candles in a church
Smashed lives are screaming for revenge
We're assaulting those who condemn our world to death.

Give me the weapon, brother!
Wait for me, my beloved, wait for me, mom
Edelweiss guys are going
To make our enemy pay!

We've learned the war by the roasted laws
We've given names to slagheaps as if they were mountains,
Stupid death has crushed its scythe flat
Against the troops of steel.
Don't cry if some of us die -
We'll go to the mountains in heaven.
But for now, take care of your life and ammo.
To the battle!

You can't break us, you can't even kill us,
Because the flowers will grow up from our ashes!
You'll see, keeping the sky in their hearts
“Edelweiss” will come back home.
The one who's closer to the sky is closer to the God
The victory goes along with the free men!
Our fate is to hold the sky above the others -
Let's get to work, brother!

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