Bass Cover #133: RUNNING WILD - Prisoner Of Our Time

I was a fan of this classic German metal band long ago. How could I miss them with their “pirate metal” thing... I've played their albums “Under Jolly Roger” and “Port Royal” to death! The live album “Ready For Boarding” was damn cool too. I'll make sure to cover something from that era too but for now I decided to play one of their earlier songs called “Prisoner Of Our Time”. It's a nice track with an anthem-level chorus that would look just right in the same league with Accept and Judas Priest.

Enjoy! And I'd like to remind you to donate to the “Come Back Alive” fund to help Ukrainian army in their fight with Russian nazis: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua
Every dollar helps to save lives and make peace in the world nearer!

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