Bass Cover #135: PAULA ABDUL - Straight Up

Finally, I felt like getting back to the '80s pop stuff. “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul was a smash hit back in 1988-1989 and I liked the song very much. Not rock, not metal, I know, but I really don't care if the song is so cool :)

Obviously, it was all-electronic and it had only some synth bass there (I can't hear any difference with “bass” played with keyboards), so I kinda wrote one myself. I can totally see two possible and very different bass parts here: classic and slap. Since I don't like slap and frankly can't really slap, I just made a classic part with lots of hammer-ons to make it sound more “funky”. I love hammer-ons!

Enjoy! And I'd like to remind you to donate to the “Come Back Alive” fund to help the Ukrainian army in their fight with Russian nazis: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua
Every dollar helps to save lives and make peace in the world nearer!

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