Bass Cover #137: AEROSMITH - Heart's Done Time

There was a time in the middle of the '90s when it was almost embarrassing not to be an Aerosmith fan! Everybody used to wear their t-shirts, love their music videos to death and watch the second “Wayne's World” movie just to see the band rocking to “Shut Up And Dance”. Little did I know that it was the peak of their second coming. I kind of liked them too in general but I wasn't a fan, really. I tried to listen to their early albums and didn't find anything for myself, so I just gave up... until I found the album called “Permanent Vacation”!

It's still my all-time favorite Aerosmith work! The album is legendary, no fillers, just pure gold! The opening song “Heart's Done Time” is one of my favorites and quite honestly, I was surprised nobody has ever made a cover for it. So, here it is!

I found a couple of tabs online but they all were really wrong, so I made my own tab based on what I hear in this song and what Tom Hamilton played live too. I hope my ears didn't fail me too much ;)

Enjoy! And I'd like to remind you to donate to the “Come Back Alive” fund to help Ukrainian army in their fight with Russian nazis: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua
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