Bass Cover #140: DAVID BOWIE - Within You

Hands down my favorite track from the “Labyrinth” soundtrack! Maybe because when I was watching the movie for the very first time it reminded me of “Music From The Elder” by KISS. It was so... elderish :) Don't know, maybe I was wrong but it still sounds incredible to me. David Bowie as Goblin King walking those weird stairs upside down and singing “Within You” was just epic! Still is.

Even though the song is simple, technically, it's quite hard because the timing is so unstable. Sometimes I really had to keep my eye on the track on a computer screen to play it right. However, it's a magnificent track to finish my Labyrinth special and I'm really glad I finally covered this song.

Enjoy! And I'd like to remind you to donate to the “Come Back Alive” fund to help Ukrainian army in their fight with Russian nazis: https://www.comebackalive.in.ua
Every dollar helps to save lives and make peace in the world nearer!

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