Bass Cover #144: FOREVER STILL - Is It Gone?

Call me weird but sometimes I like opening bands better than headliners or at least I like them not less than headliners. It happened to me more than once. The band Forever Still from Denmark is a perfect example. Once upon a time, I attended a club gig of Cellar Darling (the new band of super talented Anna Murphy, ex-Eluveitie) and Forever Still was the only supporting band that played before them.

Normally, I'm not a big fan of this kind of modern metal (Alternative metal? Nu metal? Emo metal? Goth metal?) but da-a-a-am these guys were great! No one was waiting for them in that tiny club in Hamburg, nobody knew them but in just a couple of songs, the whole audience was raising some major hell! Their live show was perfect, hands down, but what I liked the most was the overall quality of their songs. I mean I actually remembered a couple of them even though the sound in that club wasn't that great. Later I checked their albums on Spotify and now I can say with all honesty that I like Forever Still. They are great and I wish them all success in the world.

“Is It Gone?” is one of my favorite Forever Still songs and I have to say it's close to me lyrically. Wearing a happy/satisfied mask while hoping the feeling of horror just leaves you if you look the other way and forget about it for ten freaking minutes... well, I can relate to that. Cool song, smart lyrics, in my opinion.

To be honest, I'm not sure there was any live bass on the record. I can hear samples and can hear some low keyboards but no real bass, so... let's say I did my kind of a live version for this song. Play it as you wish but I'd play it like this. I wouldn't say bass is necessary during the verses but I just replaced the heartbeat-like low samples with bass. Just because. You're free to skip it there :)

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