Bass Cover #146: SCORPIONS - Rock Believer

I promised to play something by Scorpions once or twice. First, I wanted to do one of their classics but then I realized YouTube was exploding with those covers of “Blackout” and “There's No One Like You”, so... How about the title track from the band's current album? I actually liked “Rock Believer” when I first heard it on the local rock radio. Nice track with the lyrics I can totally relate to!

I didn't manage to find any bass tabs or covers online so I did my own tabs. I hope you'll find them pretty accurate. The part is super simple. I mean super super super simple. I even had to add a couple of notes here and there, just because. Also, I guess it was recorded with 5-string bass but I did it with a standard 4-stringer anyway (I just had to try my new Warlock bass as soon as possible). Enjoy!

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