Bass Cover #150: SKILLET - Hero

I know there are a lot of various covers for this hit song from 2009 but I don't really care this time because I love it and, frankly, I've never played this kind of stuff. It's some sort of a djenty alternative metal, typical stuff from the beginning of the century... I don't know, it feels challenging.

Generally, this kind of alternative hard stuff isn't my cup of gin. I've never even heard of Skillet until I heard a piece of “Hero” in the soundtrack of some YouTube video. I read the band was very pro-Christian and the song was actually about Jesus being the hero the people need the most... Again, I don't care about this stuff, for me it could be a song about a firefighter as well.

The part isn't really hard but it has to be played precisely because any sloppiness would be too obvious. Pay attention to the tuning too, it's bananas :)

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