Bass Cover #153: VINNIE VINCENT INVASION - That Time Of Year

If you speak with a KISS fan about KISS-related bands you can't help mentioning Vinnie Vincent. With a funny grimace, usually, because oh well... it's Vinnie. Vinnie Vincent was one of the most brilliant guitar players out there! We're talking Marty-Friedman-brilliant or even better because Vinnie could also sing and write amazing riffs and songs. This man used to have it all in one human body and it went straight to hell just because of oh so many reasons.

Anyway, when we discuss Vinnie, it's like talking about Peter Criss solo albums – you either love them or hate them. Unbelievably overproduced hard rock/metal music with unbelievably many buzzing guitars and extremely high vocals...well, I see how it can be annoying :) And I still like most of his songs because deep in my mind I can peel all this studio craziness off and see... the songs. I mean, the songs they could become, hypothetically. It's a big challenge to do it with the first Vinnie Vincent Invasion album but the second one named “All Systems Go” was way better, in my opinion. Vinnie stopped recording fifty solos for each song and it was a good thing, even though it happened mainly thanks to pressure from the label.

“Thas Time Of Year” is one of my favorite songs from this album even though I'm not a huge fan of Mark Slaughter's voice. Still, the song is quite cool and the bass part is simple yet melodic and it's fun to play it. I'm sure my tabs are not 100% accurate but I believe they are more accurate than any of those you can find online. Sometimes it's hard to hear what Dana Strum played there.

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