Bass Cover #156: MOONLIGHT - Meren-Re (Rapsod)

Still feeling very much melancholic so let's go on with the European doom/goth/dark stuff. The band Moonlight from Poland was very possibly the first goth/progressive band I've heard back in 2002, I guess. First, it was the video for “Meren-Re (Rapsod)” that made me fall in love with the band's vibe and the singer Maja Konarska whose voice sounded so tender and original. Some would say it was like The Gathering were born in Poland.

“Meren-Re (Rapsod)” is still very special for me and I always wanted to play it at some point. Obviously, no tabs existed so I made them myself, just by ear.

I hope some of you would enjoy it as much as I do :)

By the way, here the original music video for “Meren-Re (Rapsod)”:

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