Bass Cover #166: VOPLI VIDOPLIASSOVA - Марш Сiчових Стрiльцiв

Vopli Vidopliassova (in Ukrainian - “Воплi Вiдоплясова” or just “ВВ” - pronounced as “VV”) is a very famous band in Ukraine. I believe you can hardly find a Ukrainian who doesn't know about these guys. Initially, they started from some sort of a weird avaunt-garde punk and finally came to an explosive mix of Ukrainian folk music and song-oriented pop punk. Actually, I guess Vopli was the first band with songs in Ukrainian I've ever heard.

The song “Марш Сiчових Стрiльцiв” is a rock rendition of a Sich Riflemen's battle song (google if you'd like to know more about Sich Riflemen, it's quite a story). Basically, it's a song about fighting for freedom which is always an up-to-date thing for Ukraine. Russians come, Ukraine fights back, Russians come, Ukraine fights back... and it goes on and on for centuries. Hopefully, the current war is the last one but there's still a lot to do to make it really THE LAST war.

I didn't find any tabs online so, just as always, I just made my own part with the normal tuning. Enjoy! Slava Ukraini!

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