Bass Cover #176: THE RUNAWAYS - Queens Of Noise

I've been a fan of Lita Ford and Joan Jett since I was a child and when I discovered The Runaways I was freaking speechless. Damn, those girls knew how to rock'n'roll! I know, I know, their playing was not perfect, the albums were produced not very well, and so on but I seriously think The Runaways was the most underrated rock band in classic rock history. Their first two albums are just packed with amazing songs and I don't care if someone thinks otherwise (I'm talking about you, “Rolling Stone” magazine, you, good for nothing boring-ass elitists).

“Queens Of Noise” is the title song of the band's second album and finally, I'm in the mood to play it. Especially, since no one else did... which was a big surprise for me, actually. No covers on YouTube, no real tabs anywhere... Let's change it, people, because it's fun to play this song! And I guess I'll continue playing The Runaways covers once in a while just to remind YouTube that “Cherry Bomb” wasn't the only great song these girls had.

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