Bass Cover #182: MONO INC. - Boatman

A perfect example of making a truly epic and touching song with only three notes! In my opinion, it's a great dark rock track which is actually a collaboration between the band MONO INC and the singer of VNV NATION Ronan Harris.

Also, I have to tell you, that I have a personal connection with the song since the official video for “Boatman” was shot on a beautiful sunny day in Hamburg... And I remember it very well since it was pretty much the only really sunny day in Hamburg in 2017 and the city was all over the the beaches of Elbe trying to absorb as much sun as possible :) Me and my wife were there too! In a few weeks, this video was released and I guess it was shot on the same day just a few hundred meters from us. Just because I can see Elbe and the sun there, and there was only one day when you could see Elbe and the sun within the same day :) Anyway, enjoy.

The original Mono Inc video for “Boatman”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtUi8d0DF1Q

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