Bass Cover #186: POISON - Ride The Wind

With “Ride The Wind” by Poison I'd like to open a short yet special set of bass covers. Maybe with only 3 or 4 songs. And these will be the songs that... well, basically helped me to survive. I guess everyone here had a moment or two in life when everything seemed to be absolutely hopeless and dark. I cannot call myself a very lucky guy but I was always lucky enough to hear the right song at the right moment. You know, that true magic moment when you're absolutely destroyed and suddenly hear a song that really makes you feel the race isn't over and you still have a chance? The song that keeps you from falling and gives you the power to stand the f*ck up and return to the ring for some more punches. “Ride The Wind” was and is that kind of song to me.

I remember the cold and icy winter night in 2005 when I was a stranger in a strange country, without friends, without pretty much anybody. And I was walking down the street at night because I didn't want to go back to my silent apartment. It was damn cold and I was trying to get warmer with some music on my mp3-player. And you can guess it – this song popped up in a compilation and suddenly I didn't feel so alone anymore. I remember playing it over and over and over again for hours, just because of how it was making me feel. I didn't see a seedy suburban street before me anymore, I saw a long highway in the rays of the dawn, and deep inside it felt awesome.

So, yeah, let's go ahead and play some songs that really matter, at least to me personally ;) Rock on!

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