Bass Cover #188: UDO LINDENBERG - Niemals dran gezweifelt

The last lifebuoy-song for now is “Niemals dran gezweifelt” (“Never doubted it”) by Udo Lindenberg. For non-Germans – Udo Lindenberg is an extremely popular and famous pop/rock singer who started his career back in the very beginning of the '70s. He's like... I don't know... James Brown of Germany if I may say so. I've never been a fan but in 2020 I watched his biopic “Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding” (“Lindenberg! Do Your Thing”) and I loved the moved and also I loved the song “Niemals dran gezweifelt” that was the final theme for the whole movie.

It's a very nice soft rock ballad that I like listening to every now and then and that makes me feel good. In a weird philosophical way ;) Enjoy.

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