Bass Cover #2: KISS - Sure Know Something

Want to make a KISS fan shut up? Ask him about his top 10 favorite KISS songs and enjoy a long silence and a catchy sound of his head exploding! As a life-long fan I find it nearly impossible to answer this easy (at first sight) question, but "Sure Know Something" would be sure as hell there, in my personal top 10... oh, alright, top 100, because 10 would be not enough :) This beautiful track has one of the coolest bass parts I know, it's not hard to learn, but ma-a-a-an you wouldn't create such a part if you're not a total genius. And Gene Simmons is. This very underestimated "powerful and attractive man" has written a lot, a lot, really a lot of magnificent parts and "Sure Know Something" has one of them, so making a bass cover for it wasn't a hard decision. Please watch, like, share and subscribe!

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