Bass Cover #9: ACE FREHLEY - Rockin' With The Boys

Being a life-long KISS fan I can't help loving what Ace Frehley does nowadays. The man's still very busy touring the world and releasing some kick ass rock'n'roll albums! “Space Invader” was great, but the new album “Spaceman” which is going to hit the stores in just 2 days, on 19.10.2018 already promises to be even better! That's why I decided to record a cover for the newest single from this album called “Rockin' With The Boys”. The problem was I couldn't hear any real bass part there (probably it was just similar to the main guitar part), so... yeah, I just wrote my own bass part for the song. I even composed a new melody which can be heard in the the acoustic “Don't be afraid...” part. So it's not really an accurate cover, it's rather my version of how it could sound... on the planet of Jendell :)

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