Bass Cover #36: KISS - Love Gun

What can I say... it's one of those classic KISS tunes you can't miss even if you try. It's everywhere, it's played at each and every KISS show, it's in each and every best-of compilation and back in 1977 it was like – ba-a-am! - an instant classic. It has even gave the name to one of the coolest KISS albums ever! The bass line is a sweet candy too, though I wouldn't call it very easy because rhythmically it can be a challenge.

I couldn't find a good tab online and almost decided to make it myself but suddenly found a great cover by Mr. Paul Del Bello and basically played his version of this part with a couple of very minor changes. In case you're reading this, thanks a lot for your outstanding work Paul! I hope I didn't screw it up too much :)

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