Bass Cover #63: KISS - Rockin' In The USA

Where should I start... I've listened to “Alive II” way earlier than I've managed to lay my hands on “Alive!”. It was probably in 1989. And needless to say I've played all crap out of it! Also, I had no idea how a real KISS how used to look in 70's but my imagination was exploding! Oh yeah! Anyway, “Alive II” had 2 LPs and generally it was a live record, but the second side of the second disc had 5 new songs recorded in the studio. I didn't care about the cover for Dave Clark Five's “Any Way You Want It”, but the other four songs were the KISS originals and I loved them incredibly!

My favorite is probably “Rocket Ride”, but for some reason “Rockin' In The USA” by Gene Simmons is always on my mind these days :) I mean I can work and mind my own business and suddenly begin mumbling “I'm flyin' in a 747, I'm passing by the pearly gates...” It's like an obsession and I hope to cure it by making this cover :)) “Germany was really neat, Japan had lots to eat... And Denmark was great, but I just can't wait, rockin' in the U.S.A....”

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