Bass Cover #78: KISS - Take Me

And once again a KISS cover on this channel, this time a song called “Take Me” from the “Rock And Roll Over” album released in 1976! Great and powerful song, quite rarely played live though.

The tuning is a real pain in the ass here! KISS used to play it half-step down live, but the studio version was altered. I mean I guess the guys have played it half-step down too, but then the master tape was definitely sped up a bit and that's what we have: something in between of half-step down and quarter-step down. No tuner would help here, so... yep, I've spent some time working on this custom tuning and done my best to tune my bass by ear. The result is questionable, but honestly, I've never heard better and I believe it's still good enough :) Want to do the same? Proceed with caution and only if you have a lot of patience!

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