Bass Cover #98: KISS - Rise To It

Yes, I do have a jaw harp (“Maultrommel” in German which means “mouth drum”) hand-made by a Ukrainian craftsman and I've always dreamed of using it for a cover :) I mean this bluesy intro played by Bruce Kulick has been born to be covered with various exotic music instruments... I guess... Anyway, I've done what I could. Obviously, any jaw harp can play only one note and mine is in D, so I had to break the intro into 4 parts and change the pitch on 3 of them with software. Of course, not all notes sound right but hey, it's a freaking jaw harp! I did what I could :)

The song is the classic '80s KISS with a simple bass part. I remember when I saw the video for this song for the first time and was blown away by seeing Gene and Paul in make-up and various assorted elements of their earlier costumes! I mean the video starts with the “Backstage 1975” text and then we see Paul and Gene dressed in a disastrous mix of various elements from their costumes from 1976, 1977, 1979, and 1980 :) It was 1989 and nobody thought they would ever get back to make-up...

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