Bass Cover #118: PETER CRISS - Don't You Let Me Down

The very first self-titled solo album of Peter Criss released in 1978 (together with the first solo albums from Paul, Gene and Ace) was... hm... was nice, I guess :) I think it's one of those albums most people would either love or hate but I'd say I was somewhere in between. I mean it wasn't KISS by any means and the hardcore rock fans were clearly disappointed by this album and somehow disillusioned about Peter being an important creative force behind the band. Still, I kind of liked the album back then and I still like it now. The reasons for that can be wrong since Peter was telling everybody it was a jazz-influenced album and I'd say there was no jazz at all on the album, it was rather all blues and soul, with a definite emphasis on soul. Wrong for the majority of KISS fans, right for me when I'm in that special mood.

“Don't You Let Me Down” is of my favorites. It's a soul track and I can't help myself mumbling it sometimes while standing in the shower. Good song, typical bass part though I do understand my tone is wrong here and I wish I had one of those 60s boom-boom basses for this one.

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