Bass Cover #125: KISS - Within

It won't be a popular opinion among the KISS fans but for me “Psycho Circus” is Gene's album. I mean the album was quite ok but Paul's songs here were... how could I put it... too Paul-ish? :) Dunno, but there were no real surprises on Paul's side of “Psycho Circus” - just some good tracks, 100% Stanley style. On the other hand, Gene's material for this album seemed a bit more mature and special to me. It's like Paul's song were the bread and Gene's songs appeared to be some nice Nutella on that bread :) “Within”, “We Are One”, “In Your Face” (sang by Ace but written by Gene) and of course “Journey of 1,000 Years” were and are the songs that make “Psycho Circus” absolutely worth listening to.

“Within” was clearly meant as some kind of “God Of Thunder” vs “Unholy” vs “War Machine” song. Unfortunately, I can't say it worked well live but the studio version was just great! “Within” is as “demonic” as it gets with the raw-sounding bass and some trademark low slides. Not difficult to play though I'd say you have to watch that open D (E strings tuned down to D) and mute it well to avoid the unwanted noise.

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