New bass, Covid and WTF

Things were not particularly good lately. All this Covid phase was kinda bearable at first but now you really don't know if it's going to end any time soon. I'm vaccinated three times, so I'm allowed everywhere but hey, we don't have that many places to go right now. All concerts and festivals are banned, postponed and canceled, including our first gig on 1.04.22 here in Hamburg. We've spent a lot of times preparing ourselves for our first gig and now nobody really knows anything.


A few months ago I bought a new bass - a Japanese red short-scale active ESP B-1 and I really love it. It's obviously not for the extreme music but it's great for rock'n'roll and pop stuff. It has a great tone and I can use it in both active and passive modes. You could see it in several bass covers I've done for my YouTube channel already.


On a positive side, I have enough time for the covers right now. Even better - I want to do them again after a few month when I was a bit too much depressed to do anything. I have lots of plans again, many unique songs no one has ever covered on YouTube... Maybe even a new movie soundtrack special! I've been playing with this idea since the last time when I did 5 songs from the "Rocky" soundtrack... Probably, I want to get back to this idea because "Rocky" isn't the only movie I love with a strong soundtrack. We'll see how it goes ;)

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